The American Legion Post 363 Johnson-Hershman

Rental of Facilities Information

Rental Starts at 9:00 am for the duration of the day, if prior access is needed, Renter must rent the center for an additional day(s).  The Renter agrees to exercise due care in the preservation of The American Legion Post 363 Johnson-Hershman, Inc. center premises, to prevent loitering, and the presence of unauthorized person during all rental periods.  The Renter hereby agrees to remit the rental fee of $100.00.  The Renter will be held responsible for any and all damages to person, property, and premises.  The Renter is responsible for cleanup of property and premises.  Cleanup must be done the day of the rental, so that the center is ready for the next days renter.  

We have added some inprovements to the building.  We have added sound barrier system so the building dose not eco as much.  We also have a TV up on the wall, that dose get local channels, can hook up a computer to play other desired videos. 

Rental inclueds all tables and chairs owned by the post. There is a Kitchen and men and women restrooms on site.

If you are interested in renting our facility for your event please contact Terry Ruckert at 920.362.0771, Bob DeGrave at 920.609.3552, or Deb Nooyen at


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December 2022

January 2023